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Cement Production

As we expand, Olympic Refinery's sister company, Olympic Cement Limited, will venture into cement production and retailing. Since we understand that different minerals need to be mined to make cement which includes; limestone, clay, and gypsum, Olympic Refinery has a strategic plan on how this will be conducted. We will commission a team of geological experts who will be responsible for identifying potential limestone and raw materials fields.

From our heavy investment in extracting machinery and equipment, it will be easy for our company to extract and transport cement manufacturing raw materials to our factory. Once at the factory, Olympic Cement will adopt modern high-tech cement production systems that can perform faster hence maximizing the overall final output. We want to manufacture the best unbeatable quality cement in the market which will see the company attracting satisfied customers within and outside the country from our products.

Our strategic marketing team will work around the clock to minimize any underperforming marketing systems. These faulty systems are the main contributor to the factors which affect cost and fluctuations in the supply and demand of cement. This coherent strategy will make Olympic Cement the leader in this industry hence complimenting the existing one and this will make high-quality cement more available in our market.

Our primary goal in all operations is always to ensure an environmentally friendly ecosystem. We know that cement production produces high levels of carbon in our environment which contributes to global warming.

At Olympic Cement, we have a team of environmental protection experts who will always follow laid down procedures to ensure that our operations contribute to very minimum levels of environmental pollution. We will also adopt new technological methods of carbon capture and carbon sequestration.