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Monitoring/Supervision of Investments in the Upstream Sector

Olympic Refinery has laid down its strategic plan for investments in upstream oil and gas production. As aspiring leaders in this energy sector, we know that it is of crucial importance to give more weight to the complex and dynamic systems to be monitored and supervised by specialized personnel so that from time to time they can give a unified overview of the overall network and implications of change within each component or subsector. This is because upstream monitoring of investments helps businesses gain valuable insights from the data gathered thus enabling increased investment and asset profitability to those key areas identified and assessed.

The main key investment subsectors include; search of local substitutes such as pressure valves, pumps, shallow drilling equipment, drilling mud, bids fittings, drilling cement, and others. We will seek potential local partners when it comes to acquiring these materials. Our team of specialized economists has clear channels and ways of following up every single investment made in this upstream sector. The budget channeled to this sector is of mutual benefit between the involved parties and the company. The team will from time to time come up with detailed reports and documentation from monitoring the investments which of course will be showing the company's performance as far as the investment in the upstream sector is concerned.

Performance monitoring of investments channeled in this sector will be of importance to the company because it will help detect early enough if all materials and wells are functioning as expected. If not, this will trigger early notifications if an unexpected event occurs.

The idea of investment monitoring in our company utilizes sophisticated models predicting a well-expected production performance. The expected model will be measured against the measured performance, and this puts our company in a safer place when determining its profit margin. Under the same, the company will also use ''well test intelligence'' which will reduce the duration of well tests by determining priority wells or which wells to test when and which wells to test first.

Upstream services which include transportation support, maintenance, construction, and installation, will also be keenly monitored. This will optimize how machines are operated on a day-to-day basis and if found to impose operational constraints, can be adjusted to improve productivity.