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Downstream Oil and Gas Production

Downstream operations include all processes involved in converting oil and gas into final products. These processes include refining crude oil into gasoline, natural gas liquids like LPG, diesel, lubricants, heating oil, and various other energy sources. We will also be involved in the production of critical final by-products of processed crude oil like linear alkyl benzene, carbon black, polypropylene, and also the manufacture of bituminous based water/damp proofing building materials. At Olympic Refinery, all the modern machinery needed in this crucial sector is a given.

The other significant sub-sector of downstream production which we will handle is the marketing and retail of the final products to local households and consumers and also to our multinational consumers. We have a team of technical experts in logistics and handling who will ensure that our final high-quality products meet the market expectations. Our veteran team has laid the best marketing and retail strategy for our products. At Olympic Refinery, we have the most reliable and unique channels of moving our products to anywhere around Nigeria or the world.

We understand that the oil refinery process has an extreme impact on our environment if corrective measures are not taken into consideration. Thus, hydrotreating units have been developed to extract the harmful sulphur compound which is the primary environmental pollutant in the refinery process. This will significantly reduce the levels of industrial pollution in the environment.