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To facilitate safe and fast movement, we will purchase two 2-million barrel vessels from Daewoo Shipping Company Korea for import/export of crude oil and refined products. Among the types of machinery that we will purchase will be; specially designed crude tankers with double hulls to facilitate the transportation of vast amounts of crude oil.

Getting the final products to the market also requires a well-laid down transportation plan. While there are various transportation options for these products, the decision on which method to use usually becomes a function of cost and location. For our supplies in the local market and Nigerian households, we will majorly be transporting the products using our trucks and tankers which can also transport enormous amounts of liquefied natural gas.

We have applied for the rights of waterways for our jetty. We will also transport our products to accessible markets through these waterways.

We plan to negotiate with the Federal Government for the establishment of a privately owned two-track fast electric railway line.