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Petrochemicals Development

Petrochemicals are already a significant component of the global energy system. They are projected to contribute a more considerable percentage soon, due to the increasing demand for these valuable final products. Petrochemicals will inevitably exceed the expected demand on future energy trends. The growth in demand for petrochemical products means that the petrochemical industry will account for over a third of the increase in oil demand in the coming years.

Bearing in mind that these products are everywhere and are pivotal integral to our modern society, it is with no doubt that the forecast for these products will take a close look at the consequences with their ever-growing demand. Because of this, Olympic Refinery has laid down clear procedures and protocols to accelerate a clean energy transition for the petrochemical industry. We want to incorporate the Community, State, and all other potential partners in this ever-growing cycle.

Efforts and heavy investments in petrochemicals will see Olympic Refinery boost the economy through the development of more plastic packaging materials, more synthetic rubber, more fertilizers, more laundry detergents, and other products from our final by-products. All this will see the petrochemicals industry develop by a more significant margin. Our petrochemical products will be produced using modern high-tech equipment to minimize the possible and possibly potential ecosystem degradation.

At Olympic Refinery, we understand the scenario that the use of these products may pose to our environment. with this in mind, we will maintain progressive waste disposal methods or introduce the use of clean technological criteria.