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Other Interests

As we deeply get engaged in this critical energy industry, we will as well be interested in other valuable activities. Our team of engineers with broad experience, technical and analytical skills will be involved in designing and building refining stations, the industrial processing of the raw materials, and developing equipment and materials needed in the industrial energy production process. We will also focus on providing clean water supply systems, power, and chemicals, as well as a modern transportation system and infrastructure for sustainable economic development.

We will also offer services to the government on public contracts and sub-contracts, effecting regulation and implementing statutes to the unique requirements and conditions often associated with these kinds of projects.

Olympic Refinery will also contribute to commercial developments in institutional areas and play a role in the public and private settlement sector which will facilitate sustainable economic development and growth.

To become a distinct commercial developer, we understand that we must first gain the trust of the community, support of the government, and commitments from our financiers and construction partners. Our team of experts has elaborate plans on how this will be carried out since we fully understand how to make the activity fit appropriately, despite constraints.

We are interested in all phases of engineering, air pollution, onsite service, soil, asphalt, etc.

Our team of experts will work hand in hand with the involved parties to make sure we deliver excellent services which will in the long run facilitate sustainable economic growth and development.