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Mission & Vision

Olympic Refinery and Petrochemical Resources Limited is a special purpose vehicle designed to bring development to communities and enhance their living standards and conditions.

We will search for oil, gas, and condensate in the most efficient, economic, and environmentally friendly manner, and will subsequently produce, transport, manage and deliver these products. Olympic Refinery aims at securing a high sustainable return on investment at the same time.

Olympic Refinery will properly take care of the interests of all parties involved including but not limited to the shareholders, investors, suppliers, public authorities, employees, and third parties.

Our purpose is to engage in energy and energy-related fields, acquiring OPLs, and engaging in exploration and production activities for petroleum products in shallow marine and offshore deep in Nigeria under production sharing contracts with viable end-users and technical partners and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), as the contractor.

We plan to create a consortium of highly trained and experienced professional staff that will engage in the exploration, development, and production of hydrocarbons. We plan to be an integral part of Nigerian economic development, creating jobs that will be of direct benefit to the people of Nigeria.